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We aim to empower you with the latest and most advanced jewelry fabrication machines and equipments. 

About us

If there is one choice that is ubiquitous among women around the world, either as a fashion accessory or a gift idea, the most probable answer would be gold jewelry. Call it nature's sense of injustice or his blessing, gold is an element that has enjoyed the position of prestige and royalty since time immemorial, and has a recurring mention of it and its utilities throughout history. Not only in jewelry, it was used an embellishment of sorts for home decor, utensil material and even in all chemical processes. Designing and manufacturing intricate gold jewelry is no easy task, as it requires an immaculate hand to eye co-ordination and raw expertise, to bring imagination to life. In modern times, the art of jewelry making has developed by leaps and bounds, owing to technological innovations that have taken the art form to an entirely another level. Established in 2003, Ankitst Jewellery Tools & Machineries have carved a name for themselves in the domain of high precision and advanced jewelry tools and equipments. We are an eminent Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Wholesaler, Distributor and Trader of gold jewelry fabrication tools and machines such as Gold Casting Machines, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners, Refining Machines, Electro-Plating Machines, Gold Testing Machines and many more.

Range of Products

We offer an exhaustive range of jewelry related equipments, that are precision engineered and designed innovatively to offer the best in class performance and efficiency. The entire gamut of products offered by us, is mentioned below:

  • Opdel Automatic Vacuum Casting Machines
  • Opdel Vacuum Casting Machines
  • Investment Mixers
  • Digital Vulcanize-RS
  • SRS Classic Investment Powders
  • SRS Stonecast Investment Powders
  • Eurovest Investment Powders
  • SRS Global Investment Powders
  • Digital Wax Injector Machines
  • Auto Clamp Vacuum Wax Injectors
  • Dewaxer, Wax Injection Machines
  • Thermo Fisher DXL 800 Gold Testing Machines Karat Meters
  • Thermo Fisher XL2 100 Gold Testing Machines
  • Elettrolaser Laser Welder Mega 200J
  • Elettrolaser Laser Welder Master 'S'
  • Elettrolaser Laser Welder Mega HIT
  • Elettrolaser Laser Welder Mega 140J
  • Media Polisher, Magnetic Polishers
  • Bench Polishing Machines
  • Lapping Machines
  • Gold Melters
  • Induction Furnaces
  • OPDEL Static Furnaces
  • Elettrolaser Laser Marker / Laser Engraving Elettrolaser Jewellery Laser Markers
    Elettrolaser Fiber Lux Nano-Laser Markers
  • Safes for Jewelers
  • Jewellery Fire Proof Safes
  • Jewellery Vault System Doors
  • Miicraft 3D Printers
  • Refining Machines
  • Jewellery Cleaners
  • Ultrasonic Cleaners
  • Jewelry Tools
  • Graver Helpers
  • Electronic Gold Testers
  • CCTV Cameras
  • DVR Systems
  • Metal Detectors
  • Finger-Print Machines
  • Burnout Furnaces
  • Muffle Furnaces
  • Jewel Cad Software
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Spruce Grinding Machines
  • The Gold Catchers
  • Dental Oil Free Air Compressors
  • 2 HP Air Compressors
  • Steam Cleaner Machines
  • 360 Degree Product Photo Systems
  • Hydro-max Micro Brazer Machines
  • S.S Rhodium Plating Machines
  • Electro Plating Machines
  • 1 LTR Electro Rhodium Machines
  • 2 LTR Electro Rhodium Machines
  • SRS Super Red Wax
  • SRS Royal Blue Wax
  • Murua Gold Grinding & Polishing Systems Commercial Safe

Certification and Quality Standards

We are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company, awarded by International Organization for Standardization, in recognition of the high quality standards maintained by us in our range of products. In addition to it, we adhere to the all requisite safety standards when it comes to ease of operation and safety mechanism incorporated into the machines and equipments. Furthermore, implementation of latest innovations and high tech components, ensure a butter smooth performance and reliability, that eludes our contemporaries and their products.


We lay special emphasis on the quality aspect of our products, therefore, we employ the best tools and machines in our manufacturing facility, which is well equipped with all the latest and most advanced tools out there. In addition to it, the production line is an automated unit, which has a centralized control platform and an innate safety control mechanism, to ensure a safe working environment, for our employees. Furthermore we boast a sprawling warehouse that is weather-proof for better upkeep and preservation of the finished products.